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 ND01 ------Dry Pressure Gauge & Stand Pressure Gauge Size:  From 1.5” to 10”

           Pressure Range:  From 30inHg to 15000psi
           Socket:  Brass , stainless steel material or chrome plated
           Thread:  BSP, NPT, BSPT, PT, ZG and other special specification

         Bourdon tube:  Phosphor bronze or Stainless Steel material

        Case :  Plasitic, black steel, chrome plated,304 St St ,316 St St

        Bezel:  No bezel , black steel press-on bezel, chrome plated press-on bezel, 304 St St press-on bezel or 316 St St press-on bezel

       Window:  Plasitic press-in , PC lens, glass lens and screw-on PC Lens.

Dial Plate:  Single , dual or three scales (Bar, Psi, Kg/c, Kpa, Mpa)

Accuracy:  3-2-3%,2.5%,1.6%,1%

         Movement: Steel, brass or stainless steel material

        Pointer: Aluminium or stainless steel material

        U-Clamp: Chromed plated or St St material

        Flange: Chromed plated or St St material

        Restrictor:  Brass or St St material

    Over Pressure:  130%

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